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3 Ways to Add Houseplants Into Your Bedroom Decor

by Jeffrey Hawkins 06/13/2021

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Keeping plants in your bedroom can have positive effects on your mental and physical health. It can also transform the entire look of a room and enhance a relaxing aesthetic. However, if you have a small bedroom, it’s hard to factor in house plants while avoiding unnecessary clutter. Here we will go over some ideas for adding plants to your bedroom that will not only save space but look great as well.

Create a Living Curtain

If you’ve been thinking about trying something different with your window decor, consider what many plant lovers call a living curtain. It’s a relatively simple setup and especially so if you already have a curtain rod in place. Once you have a curtain rod safely installed above your window, find some of your favorite trailing plants like pothos or heart leaf philodendron. Many come in hanging planters already, but for a softer look and for more control over length, try macrame plant hangers. Arrange as many plants as you wish at varying heights to create a “curtain” of greenery. Just make sure you don’t add too much weight to the curtain rod! If your bedroom window gets a lot of sun, you can add a semi-transparent fabric curtain to filter the light and shield yourself and your plants from harsh rays.

Make a Plant Gallery

With the wide variety of pots and planters available, it’s easy to make art of your houseplants. One style designers and plant owners love is to hang minimalist floating shelves arranged either symmetrically or in more creative configurations. Then simply choose your favorite pots for your plants and add them to the shelves. For a modern, sleek look you can use all matching pots or go for multiple colors, textures and sizes. With lots of smaller shelves you can create your very own gallery of plants on your bedroom wall, no floor space required.

Try a Statement Plant

Filling the entire room with plants isn’t the best choice for everyone. If you prefer to keep things simpler, you can opt for a single large statement plant. There are a wide variety of indoor plants that can grow quite tall and while most take several years to reach their full “statement” height you can often find mature plants available for purchase at nurseries or garden stores. Some options for a bedroom statement plant would be a large snake plant or monstera. For more tree-like houseplants, try a fiddle leaf fig, ficus or yukka. Find the perfect pot for your new plant and it will be the star of your bedroom design, no matter where you place it in the room.

Things to Consider

While hanging curtains and high shelves are relatively pet-proof, be aware that many of the popular large houseplants are dangerous to dogs and cats. If you have curious pets, opt for non-toxic statement plants like money trees, rubber trees, elephant ears and banana trees. Always research your plant’s light and water needs when choosing your perfect bedroom greenery, as well. This will make sure your plants will stay looking beautiful and thrive even in small spaces.

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