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Why You Should Know About Painted Rocks

by Jeffrey Hawkins 02/06/2022

Photo by Jadson Thomas from Pexels

Have you been walking through a local park or along the street downtown and stumbled upon a brightly colored painted rock? These painted rocks have been appearing in the most unlikely of places over the last several years and it doesn't seem like the trend is dying down anytime soon. Sometimes referred to as kindness rocks, the premise of the program is simple. You paint a rock, hide it somewhere for an unsuspecting stranger to find and hope that it makes their day a little brighter.

There are very few crafts that bring together people of all ages, interest levels, abilities and locations, but this one defies the odds! Here is everything you need to know about painted rocks:

What are Painted Rocks and Why Did This Movement Begin?

Painted rocks are fairly self-explanatory - they are simply stones that are painted by people who want to share an inspiring or motivational message with a stranger. This movement began as a way to spread joy in a surprising and unexpected way. It quickly caught on and has now become a tradition in neighborhoods across the country. People of all ages, from young children to elderly adults, have found that painting rocks is therapeutic and they appreciate knowing that someone else who finds the rock will enjoy a bright spot in their day.

What You Need to Get Started with Rock Painting

Rock painting is the best craft for any beginner, because you need very few supplies. Here's what you should have on hand:

  • Stones of all shapes and sizes. You can have large rocks that can accommodate a full-scale painting, or you could opt for pebbles that are more suited to one or two colors. Any stone will work, but most people prefer flat stones that allow them to paint a picture or craft a message on the surface.
  • Paints in a variety of colors. Any paint will work fine, and you can get as creative as you would like.
  • Sealant. Sometimes, it's a good idea to seal the rocks after you paint them so your art work does not wash off if it rains or does not fade in the sunshine.

Don't forget to bring your imagination along for your rock painting session. It takes a certain amount of creativity to envision what type of art work should be placed on a rock.

Fun Ideas for Your Own Painted Rocks

If you need a few ideas to help you get started, you're in luck. Here are a few suggestions for your own painted rocks:

  • Paint a rainbow.
  • Write your favorite song lyric in your favorite color.
  • Draw an emoji face on the rock.
  • Paint a single inspiring word, such as "Peace" or "Joy."
  • Paint an animal on the surface that is shaped similar to the rock you have found.

When you find a painted rock, you have two choices: To hide it again for someone else to discover or to keep it for yourself and enjoy. Many homeowners are finding that painted rocks make the ideal addition to their garden and lawn decor. Some have created quite the collection, and people can always rely on their one-of-a-kind rocks to bring a smile to their faces.

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